Providing cellular fuel to unleash the power of your IoT ideas

Netmore M2M offers seamless global coverage combined with self-service scalability and affordable pricing.

Simply order your first SIM card batch here and top up with as many pre-activated SIM cards as you need via the store embedded within our platform. Avoid running out of stock and grow at your own pace. No binding or lengthy contracts.

Global coverage
Benefit from instant roaming coverage in 192 countries and across 728 networks. Voice, data, SMS and VAS activation on demand for all markets.
Cost Control
Save money:  Cap data usage on SIM card. Activate and pause service when necessary. Monitor costs on each device and master your IoT environment data consumption.
Management Portal
Take full control over your M2M connectivity. Group your devices and gain visibility. Monitor cost and data consumption at SIM card level.

Carefully crafted M2M priceplans: Volume discount available

  • Monthly Data Included

  • SMS Included
  • Coverage
  • SIM-Card
  • MOQ
  • Additional Data
  • One-time fee (per SIM)
  • Monthly Fee (per SIM)

Netmore M2M


  • Monthly Data Included

    10 MB

  • SMS Included10
  • CoverageEU + UK, NO, SUI, UA & RU
  • SIM-Card3-in-one
  • MOQMax: 2 SIM Cards
  • Additional Data
  • Activation Fee (per SIM)0 EUR
  • Monthly Fee (per SIM)

    0 EUR

Netmore M2M


  • Monthly Data Included

    100 MB

  • SMS Included10
  • CoverageEU + UK, NO, SUI, UA & RU
  • SIM-Card3-in-one
  • MOQMin: 50 SIM Cards
  • Additional Data1 EUR / 100 MB
  • Activation Fee (per SIM)2 EUR
  • Monthly Fee (per SIM)

    1,2 EUR


Need extra flexibility? Customize your price plan with us

Interested in M2M data pool, M2M prepaid, M2M pay-as-you-go or customized data usage cap? We also offer competitive M2M SIM card revenue sharing models, boosting business models for device manufacturers and distributors around the world. No lock-in effects or big contracts.

Earth connected in blue and white nodes

Global M2M coverage

We deliver high quality roaming coverage in 192 countries and operate across 728 different networks.

In addition to offering global IoT connectivity, we also provide local coverage solutions based on private networks. Our solid history based upon coverage and connectivity solutions delivers a powerful competitive advantage to our IoT customers. Request demo SIM card to try our coverage in your area.


SIM card form factors for all devices

The Netmore M2M SIM cards come in all standard form factors:

  • 1FF (85.6mm × 53.98mm × 0.76 mm)
  • 2FF (25mm x 15mm x 0.76mm – Mini)
  • 3FF (15mm x 12mm x 0.76mm – Micro)
  • 4FF (12.3mm × 8.8mm × 0.67mm – Nano)


Don’t hesitate to contact our connectivity team if you’re unsure about the physical or technological characteristics of your device fleet. We will guide you towards the very best solution.

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Netmore IOT & M2M sim card

A selection of our current and upcoming features

Benefit from simple and honest pricing with volume discount opportunities. No lock-in effects or big contracts. Gain M2M connectivity from 1 EUR / month / SIM card.
Local Coverage
The Netmore Group connectivity expertise enables excellent coverage across both urban and rural areas. Let us guide you towards high quality coverage and connectivity. Don’t miss out – contact our connectivity team today.
Scale your IoT business wisely with us, or enter your market with a potent direct impact. Contact sales for orders over 10 000 SIM cards.
See your device’s location in real time. Geo fencing technology alerts, keeping you informed when suspicious physical activity occurs.
Bringing clarity to your complexity is our mission. As one of the world’s first IoT operators, the Netmore Group possess expertise across a broad range of connectivity technologies.
Local SIM stock
Store enough sim cards locally to handle both expected and unexpected growth. Combine with Netmore Automatic Sim Ordering.
Secure Data
Secure your data with Netmore VPN connection.  Provides additional flexibility and the possibility of secure communication .
SIM Monitoring
Never lose control of your M2M connectivity with Netmore real time SIM card monitoring.

Customer successess – Netmore M2M in action

HeProCalc logo
Swedish medtech startup company chooses Netmore M2M

HeProCalc is a Swedish medtech company that develops guided perfusion systems, empowering thoracic clinics with the relevant data.

Challenge: Modern hospital environments create many challenges in terms of statics and signal interference.

Solution: The Netmore M2M Demo kit made it possible to test and verify coverage and data transmission capacity before deployment of the device. Thanks to the Netmore connectivity team, local issues could be handled even before any possible problems occurred.

We use Netmore M2M SIM cards for data collection in complex hospital environments. Reliability and coverage is crucial when it comes to advanced medtech solutions.”

– Jonas Stensved, COO and founder, HeProCalc AB

group talk logo
Push-to-Talk company connects security customer in Sweden and Norway

GroupTalk is a Swedish Smart communications company that offers a smarter way of communicating with each other.

Challenge: As the Push-to-Talk software was not working in the 2G networks, GroupTalk needed a partner who was able to prioritize traffic to 3G and 4G networks in both Sweden and Norway.

Solution: The Netmore Smart IoT SIM solution met with the customers’ needs due to its unique roaming profile.  It ensured that the security company customers were always within the 3G and 4G networks in Sweden and Norway.

High capacity M2M Sim cards wrapped in a simple package

Affordable and transparent price plans with volume discounts activated as you grow.

10 years of connectivity M2M case studies per industry

Netmore Group is a driving force behind the transformation of the digital society, and has been so during close to 10 years. Our carefully elaborated M2M solutions today constitutes the robust foundation in a large number of industries. We deliver connectivity and connect devices all over the world.

Netmore IoT Market

To ensure that we meet our customers connectivity needs, we are building a marketplace for IoT Service providers, device and sensor manufacturers and consultants.

Our goal is to create an environment that boosts knowledge, business and growth for all of our customers and collaborators. This will be an open space in which to explore the most brilliant ideas and complex problems.

All Netmore M2M customers will be granted a space in the Netmore IoT Market ™. Join the market today and become one of our 100 collaborating IoT companies.

Netmore IoT Platform

Imagine having total control over all of your devices, the data consumption and the connectivity costs. Add to the mix being able to group your SIM cards and devices and execute mass changes within your device fleet. Even better, top it with a powerful API and geolocation features with real time visualization of the whereabouts of your device.

This is not just a dream – we are taking you there.

As a Netmore M2M customer, we value your influence and needs when we prioritize the development of our cuttingedge IoT platform. The best ideas arise within the heat generated by our customers highly competitive market.