About Netmore M2M

Netmore M2M is a fast growing M2M connectivity provider founded in Stockholm 2010. Our global M2M SIM cards and our customized connectivity solutions today empower IoT companies all over the world. Our offices are located in in Sweden, UK and Spain.

As an M2M solution provider operating within the full IoT spectra, we are developing smart, robust and affordable M2M connectivity solutions for both large and small companies across all industries and sectors.

Besides our fully scalable M2M SIM cards with global coverage, we currently work with over 40 IoT solution providers who serve the end-customers in sectors such as water, gas, electricity metering, water and waste management and smart parking etc. The offering includes complete IoT connectivity solutions with access to a secure customer portal.

Netmore M2M A part of Netmore Group

Netmore M2M is a part of the IoT operator Netmore Group, participating in a mission to enable IoT ecosystems around the world to flourish and prosper.

The Netmore Group is  publicly traded on Nasdaq First North (NETM B). We operate and offer solutions within four different business verticals:

Homes and small businesses

Full scale smart home security solutions from Omnipoint. The offering includes security and home/office automation functionalities. Being connected with the world’s most advanced smart security platform,  alarm.com, Omnipoint is able to bring the industry’s most innovative solutions to its customers.

IoT Solution providers

Provision of M2M and LoRaWAN connectivity subscriptions. We currently cooperate with over 100 IoT solution providers who serve the end-customers in sectors such as water, gas, electricity metering, water and waste management and  smart parking etc. Our offering includes robust IoT connectivity solutions with instant access to the customer portal.

Property owners and industries

Complete private multi-service connectivity solutions with data integration and security layers. Local mobile connection with carrier-grade Wi-Fi connectivity enables Netmore to meet your needs. Our Data Management solution is used to connect different IoT applications to business support systems.

Municipalities and utility companies

LoRaWAN network solutions cover cities with public narrow-band IoT networks. Currently 38 municipalities in Sweden are using the Netmore Group LoRaWAN solution for build-out of smart city concepts. We offer network planning, deployment and management of the LoRaWAN network.

Netmore group advantages

We are uniquely positioned to offer IoT network solutions with extremely competitive terms, providing both best technology and cost advantages over other IoT connectivity providers in the market.

Fast to deploy

By combining different mobile technologies (2G, 3G and 4G), carrier-grade Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN support the simple and efficient implementation of any IoT application. Our technology ensures high availability, IT security and scalability locally as well as when roaming across mobile networks.

Cost-effective to operate

We operate on our own core network. This ensures end-to-end IT security and provides a cost advantage over competitors. Combined with being an efficient small operator with minimal overheads, we build and operate secure, flexible and cost-effective IoT solutions.

Easy to integrate

Our unique integration and data management solution provides customers with an hassle-free integration with their existing IT systems. The solution is primarily based on open source software and the patented Tarifflex Abstraction Layer and is fully scalable to fit with any IT infrastructure.