Netmore M2M SIM cards and price plans are specially designed for IoT scalability and excellent coverage

With our high quality global roaming solutions, customers around the world enjoy robust, reliable and predictable connectivity.

Try free Netmore M2M Demo for your IoT business, or scale up to the IoT environment instantly with Netmore M2M Europe+ from only 1 EUR / month / SIM card. Portal included.

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  • Monthly Data Included

  • SMS Included
  • Coverage
  • SIM-Card
  • MOQ
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  • Activation Fee (per SIM)
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Netmore M2M


  • 10 MB

  • 10
  • CoverageEU + UK, NO, SUI, UA & RU
  • 3-in-one
  • Max: 5 SIM Cards
  • 0 EUR
  • 0 EUR

Netmore M2M


  • 100 MB

  • 10
  • CoverageEU + UK, NO, SUI, UA & RU
  • 3-in-one
  • Min: 50 SIM Cards
  • 1 EUR / 100 MB
  • 2 EUR
  • 1 EUR

Netmore M2M


  • 100 MB

  • From 10
  • Global or Custom
  • 3-in-one
  • Min: 50 SIM Cards
  • From 2 EUR / 100 MB
  • 2 EUR
  • From 2 EUR


How does M2M sim cards work in your IoT environment

Our M2M SIM card is used for sending and receiving data between two devices. The M2M SIM card definition refers to machine-to-machine connectivity based on cellular technology.  M2M SIM cards possess automatic roaming capability ensuring the best possible uptime and data transmission. M2M SIM cards come in three sizes: Mini (also referred to as 2FF), Micro (3FF) or Nano (4FF).

An M2M SIM card can be controlled and managed by an M2M platform, and last but not least, the M2M SIM card should come with a price plan suitable for your IoT project.

Europe demo

  • 5 SIM cards included

  • Coverage: EU + UK, NO, SUI, UA & RU

  • Data Included: 10 MB per SIM

  • SMS Included: 10

  • M2M Platform: Yes

  • Convert to subscription: Yes

  • Monthly fee (per SIM): 0 EUR

  • Activation fee (per SIM): 0 EUR

  • Shipping fee: 0 EUR

Netmore M2M Europe demo

The perfect initiator for your IoT project.

Order today and connect your devices in just 10 days. Demo SIM cards can be converted to all other Netmore M2M price plans when the time is ready.
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Machine to machine SIM card explained

An M2M Sim card acts almost like an ordinary sim card, but does a different job and fulfills different customer needs. Short M2M Sim card facts:

  • M2M SIM cards are normally cheaper than ordinary telecom subscriptions.
  • M2M SIM cards price plans are most often precustomized for IoT scalability, reducing the need for a complex data pool to be shared between the SIM cards and devices.
  • M2M SIM cards can be managed and monitored in an M2M platform with API and prebuilt functionality.
  • M2M SIM cards operate on multiple networks. A multi-network SIM or multi-carrier SIM provides you with the ability to automatically roam between the best possible networks.
  • The Netmore M2M SIM card has instant roaming coverage in 192 countries and across 728 networks. Data, SMS, Voice and VAS all available on demand.

M2M Sim card important specifications

When choosing an M2M SIM card provider, it’s important to ensure that they can deliver SIM cards with the right specifications when it comes to SIM card form factors, SIM card durability, SIM card operating temperatures, SIM card read and write cycles and SIM card data retention.

Netmore provide you with:

Netmore SIM Card
  • Dynamic Multi Imsi (DMI)
  • Form factors: Triple-cut (Mini, Micro, Nano)
  • Network steering: Yes
Netmore Network Information
  • 728 networks in 192 countries
  • 2G/GPRS, 3G HSPDA, 4G LTE, LTE CAT-M1. (Zone dependent)
  • Seamless 3G and 4G roaming
Netmore Smart Card Controller
  • SC000 32-bit CPU core with 16-/32-bit RISC architecture
  • 340 kB Flash & 10 kB Static RAM
  • 256 B (security/read only), 256 B OTP area.
Netmore SIM Characteristics
  • Operating temperature: -25 °C ~ 85 °C
  • Data retention: 25 y at 25 °C
  • Read/write cycles: min. 100 000

Frequently asked questions

What M2M SIM card fits my device?

The M2M SIM card manufacturing standards have been created to fit with a huge number of devices. These M2M devices and sensors normally have SIM card slots named 1FF (85.6mm × 53.98mm × 0.76 mm), 2FF (25mm x 15mm x 0.76mm – Mini), 3FF (15mm x 12mm x 0.76mm – Micro), 4FF (12.3mm × 8.8mm × 0.67mm – Nano).

When choosing an M2M SIM card provider, do bear in mind that your device or sensor manufacturer might be considering changing to a different standard than the one you have today. Therefore, always go with a provider that offers multiple physical standards for M2M SIM cards, such as Netmore.  The M2M SIM comes in all standard form factors.

M2M SIM cards vs IoT SIM cards

The terms ‘M2M SIM card and IoT SIM card are referring to the same item. When you compare an M2M SIM card provider vs an IoT SIM card provider, you are actually referring to the same thing.

However, when choosing an M2M SIM card provider, it might be wise to choose one with a deep understanding of IoT Ecosystems and IoT connectivity in the broader concept.  Always have in mind that the complexity within your company might increase as IoT ideas flourish and customer demands change constantly.

Netmore M2M is a part of the global IoT operator Netmore Group. This provides our customers a competitive advantage thanks to our highly experienced multi connectivity team.

M2M SIM card alternatives

The most common alternative to M2M SIM cards is produced using LoraWAN technology, the most widespread LPWAN network technology in the world. Netmore Group delivers LoraWAN solutions and LoraWAN infrastructure for a huge number of public and private companies. Contact the Netmore Connectivity team today and let us design your IoT connectivity environment.

M2M SIM card outside EU

M2M SIM card roaming outside EU can be very complex. Netmore M2M has global roaming agreements with 192 countries and 728 networks, meaning that we can offer a solution which enables your IoT company to scale easily. Contact our connectivity team for a tailor made M2M connectivity solution with predictable and transparent pricing.

M2M SIM cards for mobiles devices

Netmore M2M SIM cards work perfectly for cars, GPS trackers, taximeters, drones, scooters, kick bikes, electric bikes and other mobile devices.

Difference between M2M and Telematics

Telematics is an old word describing more or less the same thing as M2M. The word telematics is mainly used today within the automobile industry and related branches. As an IoT operator, Netmore Group offers telematic solutions under the Netmore M2M brand.

M2M sim card coverage

M2M SIM card coverage is crucial for all cellular based IoT companies. Get a free M2M SIM card demo kit to test our coverage in your environment.

Besides our worldwide multi-network roaming agreements, we also have experience both within rural M2M connectivity, naval M2M connectivity and underground M2M connectivity.